Classes & Workshops

Wind HarpSpinning WheelBasket We are proud to offer fun and informative art classes and workshops designed to help anyone, whether seasoned expert or curious first-timer, expand his or her creative skills. Check back here to see our current and upcoming lessons taught by experienced artists.


For more information or if you’d like to teach a class please contact us:
Peg at 541-660-4295 or

Class size minimum five, maximum ten (unless teacher agrees otherwise.)


at the PACIFICA ARTS GUILD…mark your calendar

To SIGN UP or for more INFORMATION, contact:
Morgan at or Peg at

Come to learn or just to create and have fun. We now have 2 wheels, a kiln and lots of room for slab work. Ages 8 to 88 (give or take)
Create mugs, bowls, vases, sculptures, functional or not
WHEN: every other (first & third) Saturday, 1:00-4:00
WHERE: Arts Guild Ceramics Lab, 990 Tetherow Rd. COST: $15 per visit

Sunday April 10 10-1pm Pacifica Red Door DREAMWORK class
Do you wonder what your night-dreams are trying to tell you, or what possibilities are lurking in day-time synchronicities called waking dreams? All dreams, whether encountered in day or night, speak in the right-brained, symbolic language of soul. Each dream  image, scenario or person has layers of meaning that, when engaged with poetically and symbolically, become like post-cards from your truest self, with potent messages for your life. If you want to unlock the potency that lies just under the surface, or just know yourself more deeply, this could be the class for you!
Lily Myers Kaplan
Director, Spirit of Resh Foundation