Just Just Just What Perform Some Markings on Circuit Breakers Suggest?

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Just Just Just What Perform Some Markings on Circuit Breakers Suggest?

Perhaps you have been confused in what the markings on circuit breakers suggest? Knowing the markings on electric gear is a simple must make sure a secure and dependable installation that is electrical. Circuit breaker marking demands are founded by the needs based in the NEC therefore the UL 489 product standard. This short article will talk about the many markings that are common where they could be discovered.

The UL 489 product standard for Molded Case Circuit Breakers specifies the information to be marked in circuit breakers and where it really is to be situated, so let’s talk about what information should be marked from the circuit breaker in addition to location for which you will see those markings. Bear in mind the UL® standard specifies requirements that are minimum. Circuit breaker manufacturers may possibly provide more information or offer information in an even more location that is convenient.

Markings Visible without Eliminating Trims or Covers

UL 489 requires that some markings be noticeable without getting rid of trims or covers. This location is usually called the handle escutcheon (see picture 1).

Picture 1. Markings noticeable with trims or covers set up

Markings Visible with Trims or Covers Removed

UL 489 requires other markings be noticeable for a circuit that is installed with trims or covers removed. This location is normally known as the real face associated with circuit breaker (see pictures 2, 3, 4). Read the rest of this entry »