Summer Day Camps


The Caterpillar‘s summer camps enrich the lives of children and help introduce and involve them in the joys of nature, music, science and art. Summer camps are held at local schools and/or at Pacifica Garden‘s 540 acre site between Grants Pass and Medford. Local scientists, artists, musicians & volunteers act as teachers. Discovery is a process that engages all parts of ourselves, offering broader perspectives of the world and opening new ways of seeing that help us to better understand the earth and ourselves.

Things learned in these summer camps will help children (and, indirectly their families and the broader community) to become part of making a better world. In addition to an enjoyable way for children to spend a week in summer, they are also an introduction to nature, science, art, and music, things that may change their lives in small or large ways and continue to bring them joy throughout their lives. That, perhaps, is one of the most precious things we can offer to children.

A Garden in the Siskiyous:

Pacifica’s Summer Day Camps 2016

Give your kids a summer to remember! Community experts are teaching their skills and specialties to our youth! Join us for a wide range of exciting day camps at Pacifica, 2.3 miles south of Hwy 238, in rural Williams, OR!

Camp Registration Form 2016


Wilderness Camp ~ Ancestral Awareness
(ages 6-12)
June 20-23, 2016

A wilderness experience, walking in our ancestral past and learning from their skills. Join Caleb in the woods to see how simple things can turn into multiple tools for our survival. Learn wilderness skills of making fire, shelter, and cordage.
Lead Teacher: Caleb Schulten

Crafty Camp ~ Creative Time
(ages 6-12)
June 27-30, 2016

Join us for a week of creating awesome art to add sparkle to our summer spaces! We will use a variety of materials directly from nature, some unique recycled items, and a plethora of our own creativity! These finished works of art will make great gifts for family members or the birds! Along with the help from North Coast Children’s Theater, kids will also have an opportunity to create some mosaic pieces that will be installed permanently at Pacifica!
Lead Teacher: Morgan Breeze

Pencak Silat Camp~ Martial Arts System
(ages 11-16)      
July 11 -14, 2016

Pencak Silat (pronounced SEE-LOT) is a martial arts system from the Indonesian archipelago that dates back thousands of years.

We will be studying a mixed Silat system called Mande Muda, a collection of 17 different styles, learning the fundamentals of self-defense, breathing, sensitivity, armed and unarmed combat, and movement. We will also learn the Kimbangan, a special martial arts dance that has hidden within its movements all the secrets of Silat.
Lead Teachers: Matt Edwards & Summer Kniveton & Randy Watson

Outdoor Game Camp ~ Let’s Play
(ages 6-10)
July 18-21, 2016

Come join the fun playing games with balls, racquets, Frisbees, water and more. Campers will learn new games and play old favorites! Laughing and good sportsmanship will be promoted, because it’s really not if you win or lose – it’s if you play at all!
Lead Teacher: Patty Goodin

Camp Fun ~ Arts, Crafts, Nature and So Much More!
(ages 6-12)
July 25-28, 2016

This camp is filled to the brim with fun! We will be exploring nature and using nature to create fun projects! Kids will have so much fun exploring Pacifica’s ponds and wildlife while collecting insects from land and water that we inspect and identify! Included are scavenger hunts, games, art, and building projects. If it is a hot summer day we will even have fun in the sprinkler to cool off!  Teacher: Leah Markman

Rock Band Camp~ Jammin’
(ages 10-16)          
August 1-4 & August 8-11, 2016

Rock Band Class is coming.  Students will focus on the components of a rock band and how to produce great music in the rock ‘n’ roll vein.  Curriculum consists of learning one cover song and to write one original composition.  Improvisation skills will be taught.  We need guitar players, bass players, drummers and keyboard players as well as vocalists.  Bring your amp and your instrument and get ready to have some fun this summer.  We will perform what we have on the last day of class. We will view Pacifica’s recording studio, originally built by Steve Miller, and record a track there with Grammy-award-winning engineer Dennis Dragon.
Lead Teacher: Brian Risling

Yoga Camp ~ Playful Practice
(ages 6-12)
August 15-18, 2016

A playful practice for kids. We will combine movement, mindfulness, crafts, outdoor activities and relaxation for a fun, creative and enriching week of yoga camp.
Teachers: Clair Highfield & Allee Gus

Acting Camp  Dramatic Adventures
(ages 8-18)
August 22-25, 2016

Young actors of all skill levels are welcome, from novices to seasoned thespians alike. All you need is a little curiosity and a love for performing! Join local experts in discovering the wonderful world of the stage! We will focus on improvisation, theatre games, and group-building activities that help support building self-confidence and collaboration skills!
Lead Teacher: Shane Skinner

Sewing Camp~ Nature Spirit Sewing
(ages 8-14)

August 29- September 1, 2016

We will explore earth and spirit based sewing projects together in the beautiful setting of Pacifica. Kids will have an opportunity to make prayer flags, medicine bags and several other items to bring home.  We will also be learning basic hand sewing and sewing machine skills. Join us for a great time learning together!
Lead Teacher: Serene Dussell


Location: Pacifica, 14615 Watergap Rd., 2.3 miles south of Hwy 238, in Williams, OR

Time: 9:00 to 2:00    Dates: Mon.-Thur.

Cost: $150.00

Scholarships available; discounts for siblings and for multiple camp signups. 

More Info: Vanessa 541-621-6278            

One of my favorite aspects [of The Caterpillar] is the in-depth teaching and learning that kids experience in the Summer Nature Camps. ~
Linda Mullens
Teacher at The Caterpillar