Summer Day Camps


The Caterpillar‘s summer camps enrich the lives of children and help introduce and involve them in the joys of nature, music, science and art. Summer camps are held at local schools and/or at Pacifica Garden‘s 540 acre site between Grants Pass and Medford. Local scientists, artists, musicians & volunteers act as teachers. Discovery is a process that engages all parts of ourselves, offering broader perspectives of the world and opening new ways of seeing that help us to better understand the earth and ourselves.

Things learned in these summer camps will help children (and, indirectly their families and the broader community) to become part of making a better world. In addition to an enjoyable way for children to spend a week in summer, they are also an introduction to nature, science, art, and music, things that may change their lives in small or large ways and continue to bring them joy throughout their lives. That, perhaps, is one of the most precious things we can offer to children.

A Garden in the Siskiyous: Pacifica’s 2019 Summer Day Camps

Give your kids a summer to remember! Community experts are teaching their skills and specialties to our youth! Join
us for a wide range of exciting day camps at Pacifica, 2 miles from Hwy 238, near Williams, OR!

Wilderness Skills Camp ~ Tools for Survival (Ages 6-17) June 17th- 20th
Through a myriad of fun games and activities kids will strengthen their connection to nature as well as learning the basics of how to stay
alive in the woods. This includes many useful skills such as knife safety, woodcarving, plant ID, bird language, primitive skills, friction
fire building, situational awareness, and even archery. Geoff and Adam have been honing their survival and ancestral living skills since
they were kids – both attended Tom Brown Jr.’s tracker school, and have learned from diverse teachers from natives to veterans to basketweaving
grandmothers. Both have taught kids for 15 years and bring with them a wealth of experience and passion for the outdoors.
Teachers: Geoffrey Fisher & Adam Larue *Register directly at

Plant and Animal Skills Camp ~ Flora and Fauna* (Ages 8-15) June 24th- 26th
Kids will learn about interacting with the world around them through the wisdom of flora and fauna. Learn about wild herbals and
botanicals including plant ID, wild foraging, and recipes for practical uses; then explore animal communication learning how to connect
with animals, animal ID, basic horse care, and communicating with horses – learning awareness, leadership, empathy, courage, and
listening skills. Chell is a local Wildcraft Herbalist and Intuitive Animal Communicator, who has over 30 years of experience with horses,
animals, and native plants. Jules has a Bachelor’s in Wilderness Therapy and has been working to connect youth with the world around
them for over 10 years. *Includes one overnight
Teachers: Chell Fireheart & Jules Hatch

Female Empowerment Camp ~ Rights of Passage* (Ages 13-17) July 8th- 10th
Join us for three days of creative introspection and an initiation into the world of womanhood. Here, you will be given tools to carry with
you for your walk in this life. We will share practices to activate independence, increase self-worth, and deepen your connection to the the
earth. Jules has a Bachelor’s in Wilderness Therapy and has been working to empower youth for over 10 years. Clair is a local yoga
instructor of over 5 years who is inspired to use yoga foundations to help young women develop into adulthood. *Includes one overnight
Teachers: Jules Hatch & Clair Highfield

Story Camp ~ Story Crafting (Ages 6-12) July 16th- 18th
Offer children the opportunity to relate with their natural environment in a new way, and stimulate their creative potential. Students will
first walk the land and learn the stories being told by nature, the creation stories from different cultures, and choose characters to star in
their own stories. These influences will then be used to create the student’s own stories to write and share with each other. Manu and Fox
share a background in teaching kids about the environment in outdoor settings, as well as a passion for the stories being told all around us.
Teachers: Manu Afshar & Bianca ‘Fox’ Ballara

Music Camp ~ Jammin’ (Ages 9-14) July 22nd- 25th
Let’s get rocking! Students learn how to write effective songs, and how to exist in a rock band setting. Bass guitar, electric guitar, drums,
vocals, and keys are the main ingredients. We will work on all aspects of successful live performance techniques with a performance on
the last day of camp. Brian Risling is a professional musician and licensed educator with tons of stage experience and teaching
Teachers: Brian Risling

Theater Camp ~ Dramatic Adventures (Ages 9-13) Jul 29th- Aug 1st AND Aug 5th- 8th
Imagine the future you want to create! Over the course of this 2 week camp, children will co-create a play based on their visions for the
beautiful future of this planet. Through the creation of this piece we will cover improv, deep listening, theatre etiquette, stage production
basics & acting basics. Their work will be presented for family & friends at the end of the final day of camp. Liselle has many years of
experience in acting, improv, and playback theater – both creating and teaching, and is excited to introduce youth to the joys of theater!
Teachers: Liselle Vetsch

Yoga Camp ~ Playful Practice Magic (Ages 9-13) August 12th- 15th
Sharpen your jedi skills by using the foundations of yoga to build focus and awareness. This camp is designed to provide kids with a fun,
creative, and educational experience. Through a combination of yoga poses, games, and themed craft projects and relaxation time kids
will be able to strengthen their bodies, minds, and spirits. Clair is a local yoga instructor of over 5 years who is inspired to use yoga
foundations to help youth achieve positive growth. Bianca “Fox” Ballara is excited to share her decades-long passion for yoga and
mindfulness to inspire young people to connect with their inner magic and health from a young age.
Teachers: Clair Highfield & Bianca ‘Fox’ Ballara

Sewing Camp ~ Summer Sewing Fun (Ages 9-14) August 19th- 22nd
Join us for another exciting year of sewing camp. Your children will learn some very helpful and fun sewing skills that they can bring
with them throughout life. We will teach them how to use patterns, sewing machines and so much more. They will bring home several
projects throughout the week, and all supplies are included. Lunch and break times are spent outside enjoying the beauty Pacifica has to
offer. Serene Dussell and Heidi Carlson have both been sewing for many years and enjoy sharing what they know with the kids.
Teachers: Heidi Carlson & Serene Dussell

TBA August 26th- 29th
Pacifica’s 2019 Summer Day Camps
Location: Pacifica, 14615 Watergap Rd., 2.3 miles from Hwy 238, near Williams, OR
Time: Day only camps – 9 am to 2 pm (except Wilderness Skills Camp – 10 am to 4 pm)
Camps with single overnight – 9 am to 2 pm on Monday, 9 am on Tuesday to 2 pm on Wednesday
(Plant and Animal Skills Camp & Female Empowerment Camp)
Cost: Day only camps – $175
Camps with single overnight – $200 (Plant and Animal Skills Camp & Female Empowerment Camp)
*********** Scholarships available; discounts for siblings and for multiple camp sign-ups. ***********
More Info: Vanessa 541-621-6278,
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Wilderness Skills
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June 17th- 20th June 3rd
Plant and Animal Skills* June 24th – 26th June 10th
Female Empowerment* July 8th – 10th June 24th
Story July 16th – 18th July 2nd
Music July 22nd – 25th July 8th
Theater July 29th – August 1st, August 5th – 8th July 15th
Yoga August 12th – 15th July 29th
Sewing August 19th – 22rd August 5th
TBA August 26th – 29th August 12th
*Indicated camps have one overnight
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Summer Day Camps

Location: Pacifica, 14615 Watergap Rd., 2.3 miles south of Hwy 238, in Williams, OR

Time: 9:00 to 2:00    Dates: Mon.-Thur.

Cost: $150.00

Scholarships available; discounts for siblings and for multiple camp signups. 

More Info: Vanessa 541-621-6278            

One of my favorite aspects [of The Caterpillar] is the in-depth teaching and learning that kids experience in the Summer Nature Camps. ~
Linda Mullens
Teacher at The Caterpillar