Upcoming 3: @Efes, vs Barcelona vs Panathinaikos.

Monday, April 8, 2019

pro / 3 – It lengthens the Wanda Metropolitan profile, Atletico house, the theater in which they play the final of the finals. Juve need cold blood and further international experience: Ramsey has one in industrial doses, and not just for years of loyal service to the Premier. At Euro 2016, for example, he entered by force in the top 11 and dragged Wales until the semifinals.

Yes, they lost against his future mate Cristiano … against / 1 – Who would do such a rich offer for a car that after just could ride for free? The Lady has made the usual masterpiece in the vast sea of ​​zero parameters (Pirlo Can, cases abound), but to anticipate the arrival serve several million (a check two digits …). And the euro Juve has already spent several summer.

VIDEOS OF JOURNAL against TV / 2 – Mr. Ramsey is a midfielder, dynamic and intelligent. But he has always played in the trenches in the UK, where the guard is low and the opponent can be hit in the face with greater ease.

Much more tactic is our beloved Italy. In addition, it is always risky to land in January to a new planet. There is not much time to adapt to the ecosystem, there is the risk of becoming disoriented. against / 3 – Pjanic, out of breath, but always exquisitely embroiderer.

Matuidi a jackhammer. Bentancur talentino that begins to shine. Can And then who needs a little ‘gasoline to return to Liverpool and Khedira, when it counts, hardly betrays. There are five top in the median henhouse: would be happy arrival as early as January of another rooster?

It serves certainly from the numerical point of view, but it is an ego more to amalgamate. And very quickly. Laudisa: “Higuain-Piatek-Morata: the waltz of the bomber. Kean remains to Juve.

Balotelli ….” Philip Conticello

March 16, 2019 – Milan Lewis Hamilton. AFP A little more than 2 and 4 tenths separating the Ferrari of Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc from the Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton, the faster also the third free practice for the Australian GP. The qualifications, taken at 7 am Italian, will say if it is a mountain to climb or have the red in the margin pocket to clear and improve a gap that on the eve of this first event champion does not think it was so obvious.

IN LIGHT – The two free practice sessions yesterday had already highlighted the Mercedes. In the third session, the configuration in qualifying, the Ferraris have appeared certainly better, but still lags behind the world champion in 1’22 “292 folded red, firm all’1’22” 556 and Vettel 22 “749 Leclerc, in second and third position in front of the Haas Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen.

The Red Bull Pierre Gasly has the sixth fastest time ahead of the second Mercedes Valtteri Bottas, trailing by more than 1 “from teammate. IN DIFFICULTY – A little ‘in trouble Max Verstappen, ninth for Red Bull Renault in front of Ricciardo and Hulkenberg. Twelfth Anthony Giovinazzo that by Alfa Romeo before Sainz (McLaren) and Perez (Racing Point).

Kimi Raikkonen with the second Alfa is 17 ° in front of Norris and Russell Williams and Kubica, who slammed the entrance to the pit lane losing a lateral strip. From our correspondent Giusto Ferronato

December 3, 2018 – Milan Datome Gigi, 31, a wing of the Fenerbahce Istanbul GETTY Back ranking Euroleague, decked with the new layout. At the top left of the Fener Datome e Melli after dominating in the house of Barcelona. Milan holds the sixth place despite my 2nd k.o. in a row, in Kaunas. Also because those who are below does not do much to climb.

1 fenerbahce istanbul 9-1 Domina also in Barcelona (since there unbeaten at home), confirming that the fitter (6 wins in a row), if not the strongest, the tournament. And it does so with Sloukas pitted for a slight esport bonuskode injury. Previous ranking: 1. Upcoming 3: @Panathinaikos, vs Milan vs CSKA.

2 CSKA Moscow 9-1 gets up great after winning the thud with Buducnost (without Sergio Rodriguez) in the Real home in the big match of the day and even challenge some of the most successful in the Euroleague history. The difference they made the triple: 15/26 for the Russians, 8/22 for the Blancos. Determinants since the 20 points of Higgins in the last 16 ‘. Previous ranking: 3. Upcoming 3: @Vitoria, vs Khimki, @Fenerbahce.

3 efes istanbul 8-2 Ataman The team takes fifth consecutive win (longest streak for the Turks in 2013, when they reached 7), against Vitoria who was recovering. Confirmation of the goodness of a team that had finished last season with seven successes. Now you have to 8. This week in Istanbul comes the Real, play-off for the podium in the ranking journal.

Previous ranking: 4. Upcoming 3: vs Real, @Olympiacos, vs Buducnost. 4 real madrid 8-2 Not that losing to CSKA is a disgrace but it homemade drops the Casa Blanca a couple of squares. Above is the second consecutive stop after that of Piraeus. If we get (not that accounts for our rankings but just to explain the time) -17 in the BCA in the Clasico against Barcelona, ​​we come to the conclusion that Real are probably going through a little crisis.

And the next 3 challenges the Euroleague are tough to say the least. Previous ranking: 2. Upcoming 3: @Efes, vs Barcelona vs Panathinaikos. 5 barcelona 6-4 After the victory over Milan, comes home the first stop, but against the number one, Fener. The defense in the area of ​​the Turks that forced the Catalans to a bad 6/18 by two in the second half made the difference. K.o.

Nothing should take away the ambitions of Barca, who seem legitimately team to the Final Four. Previous ranking: 5. Upcoming 3: @Buducnost, @Real, vs Olympiacos. 6 ax milano 6-4 A Kaunas second consecutive stop after that in Catalonia.

But emergency in total, between injuries (Nedovic and Della Valle) and injuries for the national team, there may be. Besides, he also had the shot to equalize in the final with Micov. Now you can take a broth with Gran Canaria before 4 crucial games, especially at home against Bayern and in Athens with Pana.

Previous Ranking: 3 6. Next: vs Gran Canaria, @Fenerbahce, vs Bayern. 7 olympiacos Piraeus 6-4 at home beat Buducnost is not enough to bring them up in the rankings, despite losing two of those preceding. And ‘the third consecutive victory after 3 k.o. in a row that they had sent in crisis.

Since it appears to be released thanks to Zach LeDay, MVP of the day, with his 28 points and 42 valuation, for a dell’Oly top player in this century. The next three games will say a lot about the ambitions of the Reds. Previous ranking: 7. Upcoming 3: @Zalgiris, vs Efes, @Barcellona. 8 Khimki 4-6 seems to have finally put behind the disastrous start to the season that did not reflect the actual potential of the Russians.

Without the star Shved (out 1 month for a broken finger), has centered the third consecutive win, bending the Pana, thanks to the defense that has actually canceled Calathes (8.2 average before the race assists with Khimki, who held at 4). But now the wait three away games in a row. Previous Ranking: 9. Upcoming 3: @Bayern, @Cska, @Maccabi. 9 panathinaikos athens 5-5 Third k.o. in the last 4 games in the house of Khimki.

The Truth About Green could come in the next three races, when they host Fenerbahce in Obradovic (who with Pana has won 5 of his 9 titles Euroleague) and – after easy away match in last in the standings, the Darussafaka host Real Madrid. Previous ranking: 9. Upcoming 3: vs Fenerbahce, @Darussafaka, vs Real. 10 Zalgiris Kaunas 4-6 last is returning the team that many expected.

After the resounding 0-5 home which had started the European season, it has finally unlocked by bending (unfortunately for us) Milan. The c’eran0 recovery, seen that the last three defeats (Barcelona, ​​CSKA and Khimki) had arrived with an overall margin of 6 points. Previous ranking: 13. Upcoming 3: vs Olympiacos, @Bayern, @Darussafaka. 11 bayern monaco 4-6 third defeat in four games for the Bavarians, the last heavy, home of Maccabi.

The only positive note in -24 Yad Eliyahu, the usual test of Derrick Williams, who finished with 15 points (3/5 by 3). The calendar now do all uphill, with 4 very difficult games that may heavily mark the future of Bayern. Previous ranking: 10.

Upcoming 3: vs. Khimki vs Zalgiris, @Milano. 12 gran canaria 3-7 They confirm not be bringing up the rear, or if you prefer as they used to say once again, the team mattress, which was thought to be on par with Buducnost early in the season, winning at home of what instead it has become the Darussafaka.