Our volunteers are the best of the best, the lifeblood of non-profits, and our friends and neighbors! Every volunteer is unique and brings his or her own gift of ideas and energy to every project. Each of our volunteers is priceless.

Pacifica has had the honor of hosting some absolutely incredible volunteers over the years. They have touched every part of the project and are a primary reason we are able to open our gates to the community and grow our gardens and programs. We are indebted to them all.

We would like to invite you to consider volunteering, too. The diversity of Pacifica offers a grab bag of opportunities.

Do You Like Working With and For Children?
The Caterpillar program always welcomes volunteers. You could participate in our elementary school programs as a faclitator for school programs or as a helper at events or summer camps! While our school curriculum is more structured, event and summer camp activities are flexible, active and include a lot of art and movement. Are middle school kids your forte? We are specifically looking for help developing event activities for this age group. Do you love sharing outdoor activities with children and like nature walks focused on plants, geology, birding, and aquatic life? You might be the perfect person to develop and lead a junior hiking program here on our trails.

Is Art Your Passion?
Pacifica Arts Guild welcomes new participants. In addition to its own activities, Guild artists share their talents with the larger projects of Pacifica. There are places for murals on the property as well as an artists’ garden. Artists are always welcome for Art Sundays and classes for both adults and children. Perhaps you’re the graphic designer who can bring polish and consistency to our publications. If you love photography, Pacifica offers countless photo ops for your own pleasure and use. If you teach, beginning photographers are always looking for classes. We always appreciate volunteers who come to visit for events or classes and share with us the photos from their visits.

Have You Always Wanted to Be Event Staff?
While we don’t have Event Staff jackets, we do have Events! There are several events each year: Lilacs & Libations in May, the Summer Fun Festival in June, the Fall Family Festival in October and the Winter Arts Festival in December. Each of these call for tons of short-term volunteer energy. Set-up, take down, interacting with guests, driving tractors and hay wagons, seed planting, hand stamping, making change, hanging lights, serving food, putting up posters, wrangling pumpkins… you name it and we can put you on it! The best thing about these volunteer opportunities is that they’re short-term and always fun!

Do People Refer to You as “The Organizer?”
We would love to have several of you on board. It doesn’t matter what you organize: people (like volunteers), paper or computer info (like records, data, inventories, large mailings), or things (supplies, work spaces, fundraisers). Organizational projects are of both the ongoing type and the things that just “pop up”.

Is There Nothing You Can’t Fix?
We have a backlog of those little fixes that aren’t immediately a priority, just forever on the list. You know…the missing door handle, the loose lattice, the oil in the lawn mower, the window that’s always needed to be caulked, the faucet that leaks and the gate that’s been on one hinge since 1987. If you’re a putterer and will promise to put the tools back, we welcome you!

And Let’s Not Forget the Plant Nuts…
You know who you are and what level of “nut” you’re at. We know that we need you. A high priority is the regular work on the Western Native Plant, Rock, Wedding, and Family History Gardens. These gardens are all developing and have high visibility and lots of visitors. They require routine weeding, trimming and TLC. Individuals or groups who would be willing to adopt a section of one of these gardens for a season would be greatly appreciated. Other possibilities include identifying, tagging and inventorying plants, as well as helping to develop, expand and execute projects, such as landscaping, kids’ learning opportunities, and a community garden. Another need is for docents and guides for Pacifica’s visitors at events and for tours.

Last, but Not Least: The Movers and the Shakers!
This category is really the stuff that calls for perspiration and sometimes equipment. There are several miles of trail system needing shale spread on them. We have the shale and the trails are cut. We need labor and machinery to get the job done. While the trails are already in use, the completion of the shale project will make them accessible to more people and less likely to erode over time. We have annual spring field prep for corn maze planting. This includes picking rocks. We could provide the machinery for someone (or a team of people) willing to do weekly mowing in the summer.

Join Us!

If you are interested in volunteering at Pacifica in any way, let us know! We can help you find the right fit for your skills and talents.

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Mail: PO Box 1, Williams, OR 97544
Email: info@pacificagarden.org