Summer Day Camps


The Caterpillar‘s summer camps enrich the lives of children and help introduce and involve them in the joys of nature, music, science and art. Summer camps are held at local schools and/or at Pacifica Garden‘s 540 acre site between Grants Pass and Medford. Local scientists, artists, musicians & volunteers act as teachers. Discovery is a process that engages all parts of ourselves, offering broader perspectives of the world and opening new ways of seeing that help us to better understand the earth and ourselves.

Things learned in these summer camps will help children (and, indirectly their families and the broader community) to become part of making a better world. In addition to an enjoyable way for children to spend a week in summer, they are also an introduction to nature, science, art, and music, things that may change their lives in small or large ways and continue to bring them joy throughout their lives. That, perhaps, is one of the most precious things we can offer to children.

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A Garden in the Siskiyous:
Pacifica’s Summer Day Camps 2017

Give your kids a summer to remember! Community experts are teaching their skills and specialties to our youth! Join us for a wide range of exciting day camps at Pacifica, 2.3 miles south of Hwy 238, in rural Williams, OR!

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A Garden in the Siskiyous: Pacifica’s Summer Day Camps

Give your kids a summer to remember! Community experts are teaching their skills and specialties to our youth! Join us for a wide range of exciting day camps at Pacifica, 2 miles from Hwy 238, near Williams, OR!

Yoga Camp ~ Playful Practice (Ages 6-12) June 26th-29th

Kids, summer and yoga, a great combination! This camp, taught by two local yoga instructors, is designed to provide kids with a fun, creative, and educational experience. Through a combination of yoga poses, games, themed craft projects and relaxation time kids will be able to strengthen their bodies, minds, and spirits. Yoga students will learn to work cooperatively as well as learn to care for and nurture themselves. This camp is sure to create lasting memories, new friendships, and a foundation for health and well-being.

Teachers: Clair Highfield RYT & Allee Gus RYT250

Classic Camp ~ A Variety of Fun     (Ages 6-10) July 10th-13th

Summer days filled with arts and crafts, songs, outdoor games, nature activities and more! If you love to create, play, sing, explore and more than this is the perfect camp experience for you. Join us!

Teachers: Patty Goodin & Leah Markman

Summer Fun ~ Sewing Camp        (Ages 8-14) July 17th-20th

Join us for 4 days of fun, learning how to sew.  We will work on basic hand and machine sewing skills.  There will a number of fun activities that will help you build on these skills. There will be time to play outside in the sun as well and focusing on fun crafts inside.  We can’t wait to sew with you, be ready to learn and have a blast with us!

Teachers: Serene Dussell & Heidi Carlson

Theater Camp ~ Dramatic Adventures (Ages 8-18) July 24th-27th

Young actors of all skill levels are welcome, from novices to seasoned thespians alike. All you need is a little curiosity and a love for

performing! Join local experts in discovering the wonderful world of the stage! We will focus on improvisation, theatre games, and

group-building activities that help support building self-confidence and collaboration skills! Shane has over 20 years of experience working in theatre as a performer, director and producer.

Teachers: Shane Skinner & Madeline DeCourcey       

Rock Band Camp~ Jammin’ (Ages 8-14) July 31st-August 3rd

Let’s get rocking. Rock band camp is back. Students will learn the mechanics of song writing, live stage performance, and production. Our goal is to write at least one original piece and perform it at the end of camp! The class focuses on creativity throughout its processes. Brian Risling is a professional musician with extensive stage experience and a professional educator. He is licensed to teach and has been a teacher since 1992. Frankie Hernandez is a professional musician of various instruments. Also, we will view Pacifica’s recording studio, originally built by Steve Miller, and record a track there with Grammy-award-winning engineer Dennis Dragon.

Teachers: Brian Risling & Frankie Hernandez

Art Camp ~ Passion for Paint (Ages 8-18) August 7th-10th

Come explore yourself and the world around you through the medium of paint. Learn the art principles of color, contrast, mark making, layering, and incorporating “self,” while being inspired by the beauty of nature. We will experience different paint mediums while engaging in the dance of creation. Set your imagination free as you play with paint, creating original drawings, paintings, and creations to take home.

Teachers: Mary Collins & Shauna Sorce

Creativity Camp ~ Makin’ Magic (Ages 6-14) August 14th-17th

Bring your playful spirit for a fun week of creating from scratch. We will use a variety of materials, including recycled items to make original creations. The possibilities are endless, as we use our imagination, the inspiration of nature, and the support of each other to produce daily creations to keep for ourselves or share with others.

Teachers: Patty Goodin & Mary Collins

Camp Botanica~ Plant Fairies of Pacifica (Ages 5-9) August 21st – 24th

Join Ms. Dandelion for a week of exploring plants from a fairy’s perspective.  If you were a fairy, how would you use a mullein leaf?  If you were an elf, what plants would you use as medicine for a bee sting? Plant related stories, songs, games and creative projects will weave together our playful week.

Teachers: Lauren Kemple & Alexa Trost

Connecting with Nature Camp~ Ancestral Awareness (Ages 6-12) August 28th– 31st

Connect with your inner Wild Child and learn to walk in balance and harmony with the living world.  We will get in touch with nature through exploring the ponds, creek, and wild areas of Pacifica. Campers will have the opportunity to experience life like our ancestors did by learning and practicing a variety of primitive and survival skills. This camp incorporates storytelling, art, games, and sensory awareness activities with ecology, stewardship, and wilderness skills.

Teachers: Shauna Sorce & Vanessa Martinez

___________ Pacifica’s 2017 Summer Day Camps__________

Location: Pacifica, 14615 Watergap Rd., 2.3 miles from Hwy 238, near Williams, OR

Time: 9:00 to 2:00 Dates: Mon-Thur

Cost: $150.00

*********** Scholarships available; discounts for siblings and for multiple camp signups. *************

More Info: Vanessa 541-621-6278


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  Yoga June 26th – 29th June 18th
  Classic July 10th – 13th June 26th
  Sewing July 17th -20th July 3rd
  Theater July 24th -27th July 10th
  Music July 31st – August 3rd July 17th
  Art August 7th – 10th July 24th
  Creativity August 14th – 17th July 31st
  Botanica August 21st – 24th August 7th
  Nature August 28th – 31st August 14th

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Summer Day Camps

Location: Pacifica, 14615 Watergap Rd., 2.3 miles south of Hwy 238, in Williams, OR

Time: 9:00 to 2:00    Dates: Mon.-Thur.

Cost: $150.00

Scholarships available; discounts for siblings and for multiple camp signups. 

More Info: Vanessa 541-621-6278            

One of my favorite aspects [of The Caterpillar] is the in-depth teaching and learning that kids experience in the Summer Nature Camps. ~
Linda Mullens
Teacher at The Caterpillar