Meet the Teachers

Peg Prag

The Caterpillar’s founder, Peg Prag, has put thousands of unpaid hours into working on the Caterpillar and developing its various curricula, “In part because I feel strongly about its importance, but also because I enjoy it. I find myself awestruck over and over again by this world, both by its amazing simplicity and by its incredible complexity.”

Vanessa Martinez

“I have been crawling with the Caterpillar for ten years! It is thrilling teaching in an alternative way, bringing the field trip to the school. Our programs are creative and fun. Our format is great for the students – exciting and educating. It is also great for me; I am constantly learning and enjoying too. I have always worked with children in some way, it is my passion. I have a BS in Sociology and Communications and a Masters in Management focusing on nonprofits.”

Linda Mullens (emeritus)

“I helped hatch the Caterpillar Science Program at inception in 2000, and continue to find it rewarding & challenging! I love the diversity of subjects, the hands-on activities, and my co-worker’s inspiration. My hope is that when kids experience nature and science this connection it will result in their care for our environment. I utilize my 30+ years of experience with the Forest Service as a Biologist/Botanist, and the variety of environmental education programs I have conducted including the Salmon Tent, Talk About Trees, and Project Learning Tree teacher workshops. One of my favorite aspects is the in-depth teaching and learning that kids experience in the Summer Nature Camps.”

Hayward Webster

“This is my fourth year working on the Caterpillar. I have worked with children most of my adult life, in a variety of capacities. I love watching children come into the mobile science trailer in such a state of enthusiasm; it is a joy to see them having fun and learning so much in a short period of time. I also am delighted to expand my knowledge on whatever topic we are covering.”

It is thrilling teaching in an alternative way, bringing the field trip to the school. ~
Vanessa Martinez
Teacher at The Caterpillar