Pacifica’s Fragrant Garden

“I will no longer permit the avid and eager eye to steal away my whole attention. I will learn to enjoy more completely all the varied wonders of the earth.”

– David Grayson

Fragrance in the garden has been exalted since medieval times and certainly still is today. How could it not be! Fragrance offers such a wonderful addition to the beauty we see with our eyes.

Pacifica’s quarter-acre Fragrant Garden, located at the juncture of the Pond House drive and the main drive, includes over a hundred kinds of fragrant trees, shrubs, perennials, and bulbs. The garden also encompasses a rock-lined labyrinth – a curving pathway that leads a walker into the center of the formation, and then back to its edge. This charming garden is the perfect place for a quiet walk or a pleasant sit at any time of year.

For information on types of plants found in the Fragrant Garden and when they are in bloom, you may view or download our reference guide from the link below!