Gardens of Pacifica

While the majority of our land will remain untouched, a portion of the acres which have previously been grazed will be planted (using sustainable water and cultural methods whenever possible) with a wide collection of plants for education and protection. The goal is to create a living museum, a “plant ark,” and an excellent opportunity to learn about plants and maintain genetic resources. All of our gardens are open for visitors to explore and enjoy!

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A note to visitors – gardens take a long time to develop and to grow…ours are still in their infancy. We hope you enjoy the beauty of Pacifica in all stages of growth, including the gardens that are growing as fast as they can!

Additional gardens that are currently in development include: a Bird Garden, Drought Garden, Maple garden, Artists’ Garden, and Children’s Orchard. If you would like to be a part of this exciting project, we would love to have you involved in any way that interests you! Please contact us at, or (541) 846-1100.