Pacifica’s Western Native Plant Garden

Plants that grow naturally in an area are inherently adapted to their environment, requiring less care, less water, and fewer chemicals. The Western Native Plant Garden, found left of the drive just past the main entrance, will show the home gardener some of the West’s (the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean) beautiful native plants along with information about how these species can be used in home landscapes. Natives are very important in efforts to help dwindling populations of pollinators and other insects.

Primary Goals for the Western Native Plant Garden include:

  • Offering plants for viewing and as much information as possible 
  • Providing a pleasing planting inside the entrance from Water Gap Road
  • Supplying information about natives for birds, wildlife, and insects

For information on types of native plants to add to your own garden (many of which are also found in Pacifica’s Western Native Plant Garden), you may view or download our reference guide from the link below!