Pacifica will have students on premises and therefore Pacifica will be closed to all visitors at all hours on these dates (also listed are private wedding events):

May 26 & May 27–open everywhere

  • Closed May 28th through May 30th; open again at 2:00 pm Thursday 5/30. 

  • Closed except for perimeter trails for a wedding on Sat. May 25, June 1 and June 2. 

  • closed May 31st until 2:00 PM 

  • closed June 3rd until 5:00 PM 

  • closed June 6th until 2:00 PM; open thereafter except for Saturday weddings (please see schedule)

These dates Pacifica is hosting Outdoor School or field trips for the youth in our communities. In order to keep them safe, schools request that Pacifica be closed to all visitors. All of Pacifica is closed, including the perimeter trail, during the posted times.  We thank you for understanding.

Our educational programs help to support Pacifica, helping to keep it open for the public to enjoy most of the year. Please come enjoy the property on a day that is not reserved for special use!  

Please check out Pacifica’s website (www.pacificagarden.org) about other closed and open dates.  Consider helping to keep Pacifica a vibrant part of the community by making a tax-deductible donation!


Real restrooms are happening at Pacifica!  But we still need to raise more money to complete them.  Please go to the fundraising website Chuffed.org (https://chuffed.org/project/restrooms-for-pacifica) and look for Pacifica’s Long-Awaited Restooms, and DONATE (or mail directly to PO Box 1, Williams OR 97544)!  Donations are tax -deductible.  Thank you!


Summer day camp schedule is out!  Please go to the Caterpillar Summer Day Camp page on this website.


Pacifica’s Outdoor School and school field trips take over the center of the property weekdays from April 22 through mid-June.  Schools are very insistent that the general public keep a safe distance from the school groups.  Please obey the signs telling you when fishing is not permitted, due to kids learning how to fish.  Disc golfers–please stay off the property on closed days.  Horse riders and hikers, please park in the front lot on days Pacifica is open–don’t drive past the Cedar Center.  Thank you!


The next wedding is on Saturday, May 25, so please no fishing in Heron Pond that day, and no horse trailers beyond the front parking area (this parking area has been enlarged to accommodate more trailers).  Hiking and horse riding on the perimeter trails only that day, please.


Pacifica’s property is open for fishing, hiking, horse riding and other recreational activities from 7 am until dusk every day, except on event days, when the Heron Pond area and Cedar Center are reserved for guests.


The perimeter trails can be used all week and weekend, even on event days, unless noted–park in the expanded first parking area on the left (West Trailhead) after entering the property.


Please don’t forget to leave a donation to help with maintenance!



When children learn to see and appreciate the world around them,

it will benefit their lives and yours.


Thank you!

Pacifica HAS a New Caterpillar


The Caterpillar, Pacifica’s Mobile Science and Nature Center, has taken educational programs to budget-tight local schools for 15 years, teaching 4,000-5,000 children a year with a fascinating new hands-on program each year.