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There are no events in the Cedar Center  and Wedding Garden until July 8, so please enjoy fishing in Heron Pond until then (please do stay clear of the Pond House as there will be guests these coming two weeks).

The property is open for fishing, hiking, and other recreational activities from 7 am until dusk every day, except on event days, when the Heron Pond area and Cedar Center are reserved for guests.

The perimeter trails can be used all week and weekend, even on event days–park in the first parking area on the left (West Trailhead) after entering the property.

Please don’t forget to leave a donation to help with maintenance!


Pacifica’s Caterpillar summer day camps begin soon.  Visit the Caterpillar’s page on Pacifica’s website, call 541-621-6278 for the schedule, or check Pacifica’s Facebook page.

When children learn to see and appreciate the world around them,

it will benefit their lives and yours.

Pacifica Needs a New Caterpillar

The Caterpillar, Pacifica’s Mobile Science and Nature Center, has taken educational programs TO budget-tight local schools for 15 years, teaching 4,000-5,000 children a year with a fascinating new hands-on program each year. However, due to dry rot of the wooden structural components, this 20-year-old trailer is no longer road-worthy.