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There is an event in the Cedar Center on Sat., June 3, so please no fishing or hiking near Heron Pond that day (please also stay clear of the Pond House as there will be guests this weekend).

The property is open for fishing, hiking, and other recreational activities from 7 am until dusk every day, except on event days, when the Heron Pond area and Cedar Center are reserved for guests.

The perimeter trails can be used all week and weekend, even on event days–park in the first parking area on the left (West Trailhead) after entering the property.

Please don’t forget to leave a donation to help with maintenance!


When children learn to see and appreciate the world around them,

it will benefit their lives and yours.

Pacifica Needs a New Caterpillar

The Caterpillar, Pacifica’s Mobile Science and Nature Center, has taken educational programs TO budget-tight local schools for 15 years, teaching 4,000-5,000 children a year with a fascinating new hands-on program each year. However, due to dry rot of the wooden structural components, this 20-year-old trailer is no longer road-worthy.

Schools have long ago “bought into” the Caterpillar project with both heart and head!

This is the best hand-on science instruction that we have had visit.” (Wilson Elementary)

Caterpillar programs have the enthusiastic encouragement of local school districts and are carefully aligned with state standards. We have become a highly-visible, mobile “billboard” saying loud and clear “science and nature are fun AND important.”

Show your support for this local grassroots program that works!

Please Make a Donation (large or small) to the

CATERPILLAR FUND, PO Box 1, Williams, OR 97544

Pacifica is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Please check your financial planning for 2017, to see if you could benefit from a Tax Deduction while assisting a worthy cause. You would receive eternal gratitude from Pacifica and the thousands of kids whose lives are enhanced by their visit to the Caterpillar’s educational programs. More information: 541-846-1100/


This year Pacifica is excited to start working toward real restrooms!

We need community matching funds (your donation is tax-deductible, as Pacifica is a 501(c)(3) non-profit) to start the construction.

Who We Are

Established in December of 1998, Pacifica is located in the beautiful and amazingly bio-diverse Klamath-Siskiyou Region of Southwestern Oregon. Sited in the Applegate/Williams Valley, Pacifica’s total of 540 historic acres are dedicated to providing education about our natural environment while enhancing the learner’s understanding and appreciation of the natural world and how it relates to daily life.

The Narrative of Pacifica:  View on YouTube

Our Vision

Nature Center

Our 200 acres of substantially unaltered native habitat (including riparian, Douglas Fir forest, oak savannah and chaparral) serve as a laboratory for study, observation and connection with the natural world and its inhabitants.

Botanic Garden

Focused on the flora of the Klamath-Siskiyou bio-region, the goal for the garden is plantings based on 5,000 different kinds of trees and other plants from around the world. This collection will be the basis of Pacifica’s living museum.


Our goal is to create experiential learning for all ages through classes, camps and seminars, interactive interpretive trails and natural science outreach to elementary school students.

Community and Arts Center

A 9000 sq. foot building is dedicated to community education, celebrations and gatherings. It also houses the Pacifica Arts Guild and Caterpillar program offices, as well as a recording studio (built by musician Steve Miller) leased by the Dragon Media Group.

Visit Us

14615 Watergap Road
Williams, Oregon 97544

Phone: 541-846-1100
Fax: 541-846-9230
Mail: PO Box 1, Williams, OR 97544