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Birding at Pacifica

Pacifica’s property, home to a wealth of different habitats, is an ideal place for birding! The Audubon Club has identified over 100 species here, many of which are included in the identification guides below for use in your own explorations. If you visit Pacifica for birding, we would love to share in your stories and photos! You are welcome to share them with us via email, or our Facebook or Instagram pages. There is also a log, in the green metal box next to Heron Pond, where you can list the birds you’ve seen and help us know who’s been visiting.

The Audubon Society also offers many online classes and livestreams on birding topics, check them out here.

Tips for Bird Watchers

  1. Binoculars and a good field guide are a big help.
  2. Though you can watch for birds any time – early morning and early evening, especially in spring, are often good times to look for them.
  3. Edges of habitats such as fields, swamps, water of any kind, or gardens are often good places to watch.
  4. Walk or sit quietly (though if you’re doing something else, you can always keep a quiet eye out).
  5. Watch for any movement and listen for any sound. Learn to pay attention to and trust your eyes and ears.
  6. When you notice something (even the slightest movement), stop and quietly try to get a better look, keeping the sun behind you.

Downloadable ‘Birds of Pacifica’ Guides: