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Pacifica’s Adventures in Learning (PALS)

On Mondays during the school season, Pacifica hosts PALS for home-based learners to connect with other students and be more connected with nature. Each week, we will go on a new adventure with our pals exploring, learning, and connecting. Half of the day will be dedicated to outdoor educational learning and fun. We’ll go hiking, fishing, foraging, play games, do team challenges, make art, build, create, and so much more! The other half of the day will be project-based learning and creating with local craftspeople and artists.

For example we will have woodworkers, clay brick builders, pottery studio time, sewing projects, weaving projects, and art creation projects. Students will get to choose which projects they want to be a part of!

PALS Promise

The goal of this program is to bring students into nature, create an environment of healthy social-emotional learning, build friendships and have everyone leave with lifelong skills and treasured experiences! Our classes will be divided by age, and families will be able to choose where their child is best suited.

All students are welcome to attend an optional hour of Mindfulness before the school day to get them grounded and ready to take in all of the beauty at Pacifica. During this hour, students will explore being present in mind, body, and heart through mindfulness practices and yoga. Classes will include sit spots in nature, sensory awareness practice, and social-emotional learning.

We look forward to all that choose to join us in this engaging fun learning experience!

We must have at least 7 students signed up per class to ensure that the class will happen, please spread the word. We will inform families in September if we have enough students enrolled.