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Visit Pacifica

Pacifica’s grounds are open free to the public for hiking, horseback riding, catch-and-release fishing, disc golf, and more! The property is open every day from 7 am until dusk, excepting those days when an educational or private event is being hosted on the property (please check for closures on the Events Calendar when planning your visit). We hope you enjoy all Pacifica has to offer.

Check out the tabs under ‘Things To Do’ for full information on the many fun activities our site facilitates, or see Local Flora and Fauna Guides here!

Visitor Information

Please be courteous and respect our visitor guidelines, both for the safety of our visitors and the health of our natural area and its inhabitants. Thank you!

Visitor Guidelines

  • Supervise Your Children
  • Smoke Only in Posted “Smoking Areas”
  • Clean Up After Yourself (leave things better than you find them)
  • Keep Dogs on Leashes & Clean Up After Them
  • Pacifica is a Weapon and Drug-Free Property
  • Fires are Not Permitted
  • Follow the Leave No Trace Principles for Enjoying the Outdoors Responsibly

If you enjoy your time at Pacifica, please consider leaving a donation to help maintain our beautiful property! Thank you.

View Pacifica Property Map

How to Get Here

From Grants Pass:

Head south out of town on Highway 238, passing through Murphy. Approximately 6.3 miles beyond the Murphy grocery store you will come to a fork – Hwy 238 curves to the left and Water Gap Road extends straight ahead. Continue straight onto Water Gap Road.

From Medford:

Take Highway 238 west from Jacksonville toward Grants Pass. Approximately 2 miles beyond the Provolt Store you will come to an intersection – Hwy 238 curves right, and Water Gap Road extends to the left. Turn left onto Water Gap Road.

Continuing 2.3 miles down Water Gap Road, Pacifica’s drive is on your left, where you will see a sign under a green-roofed kiosk. The office is approximately one half mile down the drive, in the Cedar Center (the large brown building with a red door).