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Pacifica’s Outdoor School

Student Leader Program


Pacifica is excited to announce that we are launching our Outdoor School Student Leadership program and we have received 50 applications so far!The goal of this program is to have 48+ High School Students become Student Leaders at Pacifica’s Outdoor School for the Spring of 2024. To make this happen students will receive 2 days of leadership training  on April 12th and 13th at Pacifica. After  completing their training they will be scheduled as Student Leaders during  3-days and 2-nights of Outdoor School with 5th or 6th graders during one of the following sessions: click here. Watch this video to hear directly from student leaders about their experience.  

We are enthusiastic to meet the students, parents, teachers and staff that are going to help us launch the very first year of our Student Leader Program! 

Student Leaders and Parents


If you are a High School Student; we want YOU to participate in Pacifica’s Outdoor School’s Teen Leadership Program. 

At Pacifica’s Outdoor School we invite students to become leaders. Whether or not you already consider yourself a leader, we want you to participate if you want to learn more about yourself, your environment, develop skills, and have an epic time learning outdoors! If you are interested in becoming a Student Leader it is important that you carefully consider the following criteria for yourself:

  1. Do you want more real-life learning opportunities?
  2. Are you inspired to learn outside of the box? 
  3. Would you like to work with fifth and sixth grade students?
  4. Are you trustworthy and able to respect others?
  5. Do you have an interest in nature?
  6. Do you want to have fun?

If you answered yes to these questions, click the button below to register for one of the funnest, memorable, and most meaningful adventures of your High School experience. Once you complete your application you will hear from us to follow up with questions, waivers and to schedule your training and Outdoor School dates! Be certain to remind your Parent or Guardian to Complete the Waiver as soon as possible.  Check out our Student Leader Handbook to know what a day of Outdoor School is like and what is expected of Student Leaders at Pacifica’s Outdoor School. After students apply and receive their training they will need a Attendance Slip to be signed by all of their teachers and parents and submit it to the attendance office of their high school.

Register for our Student Leader Program

Teachers and School Staff


Students will learn leadership skills and Outdoor School curriculum. One objective for the program is for Teen Leaders to earn elective or career credits through participation in the training and assisting in facilitating 5th and 6th graders Outdoor School Session.

Leadership training is designed to cultivate students’ communication, time management, problem solving, team work, self awareness and social skills. Beyond the Leadership training, students will be educated to deliver Pacifica’s Outdoor School curriculum which will strengthen their familiarity with our local environment and build their scientific inquiry, observation and data collection competency. Take a look at our Student Leader Handbook to understand what their Outdoor School experience will be like.  

After students apply and receive their training they will need a Attendance Slip to be signed by all of their teachers and parents and submit it to the attendance office of their high school.

We are excited to collaborate with Three Rivers School District High Schools to provide 48+ High School students with an incredibly valuable and memorable experience as Student Leaders at Pacifica’s Outdoor School. This program is completely FREE to all students and is provided by Oregon State University Outdoor School funding.

Check out what other Outdoor Schools Teen Leaders have to say about their Outdoor School Leadership Experience: 

“It’s so much easier than you think it is. Everyone there comes with such a good attitude and you’re all in the same boat. Everyone wants to make friends just like you, don’t worry.”

– Miranda “Fennel” Field-MartinSource: MESD Outdoor School

“It’s made me really confident and [has] helped me to speak in front of groups. I felt like ‘Hey, I can do this! I can feel powerful and learn stuff on the fly!’ It really helped with a lot of things in my daily life.”

– Karmen “Paprika” ClarkSource: MESD Outdoor School

“At Outdoor School, I can be the best, most positive version of myself that I can be. I can be a leader to kids that may not have other secure positive influences on their life in the real world. It’s a place where everyone’s there for the same thing: To have the time of their life and to give overwhelming support”.

– Camille “Sage” DupeyrouxSource: MESD Outdoor School

Why Become a Student Leader

4 Amazing Reasons to Become a Student Leader


It's a ton of fun.

If you were able to attend Outdoor School as a 5th or 6th grader you probably remember what a great time you had. Being a student leader is an opportunity to create that experience again yourself and for the middle school kids you’ll be leading! As a student leader you get to explore outside in nature, play games and many other enjoyable activities.

You gain leadership skills.

By becoming a student leader you will learn leadership skills that will help you throughout your life. You will gain skills in communication, problem solving, teamwork, time management, scientific inquiry, observation, data collection and much more.

You learn awesome things.

Have you ever wondered what bird call you have been hearing? Or how to identify a mushroom? At outdoor school you will become a nature guide and a scientist, investigating the world around you and beginning to learn the tools needed to know how to identify many different species of animals, plants, and get familiar with some microorganisms (some people believe they are going to help us reverse climate change and clean up our planet!)

You get to know yourself.

New experiences, challenges, learning, fun and a break from our routine lives create incredible opportunities to get to know ourselves better. By giving yourself the gift of self awareness you can better navigate your thoughts, feelings and the world around you to live a happier and healthier life. According to modern neuroscience, having an understanding of our feelings, motivations, thinking patterns and tendencies can give us a stable sense of self-worth and a secure grip on our values and motivations (Niia Nikolova). Imagine the confidence you will have when you get to know yourself better!
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