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Pacifica’s Outdoor School

Our Mission

Pacifica Outdoor School (PODS) is dedicated to fostering the human-nature connection and ecological understanding to help students become knowledgeable citizens and stewards. We work to empower students through activities that highlight individual talents and enhance leadership and collaboration.

What is Outdoor School?

Outdoor school is a place where students can learn and grow together through cooperative living experiences, participation in performing arts, leadership activities, and field study. Field studies bring classroom topics to life with games, hikes, and hands-on exploration of the natural world. Students also take part in wilderness skills training with Search and Rescue professionals, discover their leadership potential in the challenge course, and enjoy traditional campfire activities with friends and staff in the evening. Each session includes two nights at Pacifica. Outdoor school is a positive experience that will stick with students for life!

Why Outdoor School?

Outdoor School has been proven to produce more than just good memories! Research shows that most students who attend outdoor school experience improvement in attendance and test scores at school and in developing critical thinking and leadership skills. Scores of studies demonstrate that natural environments heighten mental acuity and diminish stress. Human beings simply seem wired to work better mentally, physically, and emotionally with steady access to nature.

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The Facilities

Pacifica, an education-based non-profit, is 20 minutes from Grants Pass and 45 minutes from Medford. Pacifica has much to offer: 420 acres, at least half of which is forested, with 4 ponds and 6 miles of hiking trails, a low-element challenge course, and plenty of room to explore.

Children will sleep on bunk beds in groups in our comfortable Cedar Center Great Hall. Three nutritionally-sound, kid-friendly meals and two snacks are served each day.

How Do Schools Pay for Outdoor School?

Outdoor school attendance for Oregon’s 5th and 6th graders is fully funded by the state, thanks to the passage of Measure 99 in 2016. If you would like to learn more about Measure 99 funding, learn how to apply for funds for your school district, or see data on recent Outdoor School outcomes, please visit the OSU Extension Service Outdoor School Program website, here.

Pacifica’s Outdoor School Student Leader Program

Pacifica is excited to announce that we are launching our Outdoor School Student Leadership Program. We are collaborating with Oregon State University Outdoor School to offer this exciting new program. The goal of this program is to have 48+ High School Students become Student Leaders at Pacifica’s Outdoor School for the Spring of 2024. To make this happen students will receive 3 days of leadership training at Pacifica and will be Student Leaders during  3-days and 2-nights of Outdoor School with 5th or 6th graders. We are enthusiastic to meet the students, parents, teachers and staff that are going to help us launch the very first year of our Student Leader Program!

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For scheduling and general questions, please contact via email to [email protected] or call 541-846-1100 ext. 2